Backup Camera

Backkup Camera DisplayBackup Camera Display

Collision Avoidance Tools. Rear View mirrors with integrated LCD, Back up Cameras, Blind Spot Sensors and more..

4.3″ Rear View Mirror with built-in WiFi “Mirroring” module, Front Facing Camera and DVR “Dash Cam” with Blue Tooth.
•    3″ LCD Display built-in Mirror
•    Forward facing standard image Camera
•    DVR built-in Mini SD Card slot
•    Built-in WiFi Module
•    Mirror IOS9 and Android Devices. Great for consumers that use their phones for Navigation.
•    Built-in BlueTooth Functionality
•    Stand
ard Image -Front Facing
Backup Camera Display
Parking sensors provide coverage behind or in front the vehicle. When an object is detected in the scanning area the driver will be alerted inside the vehicle with the 3 distinct warning tones.

car camera2  vehicle specific backup camera  BackUp Camera