Headrest Monitors

DVD9H Headrest DVD player

•    9 inch Active Matrix LCD display with built in DVD player and media player
•    Unit is wrapped in black textured vinyl to match any vehicle interior DVD9H Headrest DVD player
•    Quick release mechanism makes removing players from headrests very easy while leaving mount in place
•    90 degree angle adjustment for optimal viewing angle and nice factory fit look
•    1-HDMI input
•    1 – Audio Video output cable for cross connect (Requires male-to-male RCA cable)
•    Built in speakers
•    Built in two channel headphone transmitter
•    Built in FM modulator
•    Side mounted 3.5mm audio video input
•    1 – SD card input (tested up to 16GB may accept 32GB class 10 cards)
•    1 – USB input (tested up to 16GB may accept 32GB)
•    Disc drive: DVD, DVD+R, CD, CD-R, VCD, MPEG2, MP3, Divx, Xvid
•    USB: MPEG2, MP3, Divx, Xvid
•    SD Card: MPEG2, MP3, Divx, Xvid
Headrests have passed safety compliance testing requirements Regulation No. 21

headrest Monitor setup