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K40LOGO BLKSophisticated anti-laser technology ever designed to instantaneously detect, notify the driver and jam the pulse laser light signal transmitted by every type of police laser gun.


defuser optix lexus front   Radar Jammers Front Installation  
  • Laser Stealth TechnologyTM - Deactivates police laser speed measurement capability by emitting a powerful infrared light signal back to the gun at a pulse rate it cannot understand.  This enables the driver to avoid detection - something ordinary detectors can't provide.
  • Laser Alert - Provides warning of police laser targeting with a unique audible and visual alert, giving the driver the time needed to react and safely reduce speed.
  • Remote Compatible - Defuser EX and EX-2 are uniquely designed to integrate with any K40 Remote Radar System, allowing the user to utilize one warning display for both radar and laser alerts.
  • Hidden Warning Display - A custom installed LED light and speaker blends discreetly into the instrument cluster or dash panel, making it completely undetectable to police or thieves.
  • License Plate Mount- Strategically positions Defuser EX right where police laser gun operators are trained to target, while providing a stealth, OEM appearance for the system.
  • Durable ABS Housing - Made from one of the strongest synthetics available, the specially designed frame helps protect the microelectronics from both the outside weather elements and everyday wear.
  • Modular Design - Versatile design allows the unit to be removed from the standard frame and custom mounted elsewhere on the vehicle with the included Universal Mounting Bracket.  Perfect for installations on vehicles that are not required by law to have a front license plate
  • Auto Startup Test - Whenever the vehicle is turned on, an automatic self-test sequence verifies the unit is operating properly and monitoring the road ahead.

Discreet Mounting Options: All the protection from police laser you will ever need, beautifully integrated into your fine automobile.


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